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Merrueshi Women's Cooperative

The Merrueshi Women Co-operative was established by a small group of Maasai women who are dedicated to actively participate in business, social and cultural activities in Merrueshi village. The group is comprised of married women and widows.


To empower ourselves and improve our community through income generating activities such as handmade crafts, folklore, and livestock production.


The long-term goal is to alleviate poverty and other socio-economic and cultural challenges facing Maasai women daily.

Business Activities

• Assist and empower each other to start small businesses
• Make and sell quality beadwork items for the world market
• Purchase and maintain a small herd of oxen, milking cows, and goats
• Promote women investment and empowerment in our region
• Provide economic and social support to members of our group
• Participate and be actively involved in decision-making for matters that affects our future
• Support young girls through school
• Help to teach good family and moral values to our children
• Support women health in our region

Maasai women will always step forward and give each other a helping hand when the needs arise. They help each other through weddings, hut building, and maternal care. Before a wedding, for example, the women will come together and assemble the bridal costume. Some will make beaded ornaments while others will make a traditional and ceremonial garment for the bride to be.

In the Maasai society no woman builds a house alone without the company of others. Some will bring sticks while others will bring water needed to plaster the hut. These are centuries old traditions that Merrueshi women would like to keep going for generations to come.

The women also help each other with designs and ideas for unique beadwork items sold in the women's cooperative shop at Maasai Cultural Center. When you sit at the table with them you’ll notice a great deal of love and support these women have for one another. It is common to find them gathering under a large acacia tree in the village discussing about children and issues that women care most.

Maasai women are traditionally artists. Each woman has vast skills and knowledge to create intricate beadwork that dominates Kenya’s fashion shows. The irony is that very few Maasai women have the ability to generate income from their artistry. Next time you are in Kenya make sure to stop at the Maasai Cultural Center and support the business of the Merrueshi Women's Cooperative. This is a remarkable group of women worth your support.










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We currently don’t accept credit cards. However, we take US$, Euros (€), Sterling pound (£), and Kenya shillings.

Income from the women’s cooperative is shared as follow: 70% goes directly to individual women artisans while 30% is used to support the center and Maasai Association’s community development projects in Merrueshi village.

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