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Merrueshi Village Clinic

We measure our success based on the number of children with access to life-saving vaccines, and lives saved through our village clinic and reproductive health program.

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Merrueshi Village Clinic is providing basic healthcare services to nearly 5,000 Maasai residents of Merrueshi and the surrounding communities. Merrueshi Village Clinic makes sure that beneficiaries receive acute and emergency medical services at the most reasonable cost in the local area. The clinic emphasizes on health education, prevention, treatment, vaccination, and nutrition education for mothers and their children.


• Make basic health care services available for the Maasai pastoralists in Merrueshi and surrounding villages

• Save mothers and their children from common and preventable diseases

• Improve health care needs for the entire community


  • Administration room
  • Maternity Center
  • Two exam rooms
  • A dispensing pharmacy
  • Laboratory facility
  • In-patient unit for seriously ill patients
  • Staff housing
  • Voluntary counseling and testing center for HIV/ Aids

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100 % of our patients are not covered with any health insurance cover.

Please donate $25 and help us immunize Maasai children against measles, polio, TB, and other vaccine-preventable diseases.

News & Updates

Merrueshi Village Health Center 2014

Merrueshi Village Health Center is progressing well. We have seen a total of 3,406 patients between October 2013 and April 2014. We continue to earn a good reputation across the region as a family and community friendly health facility. Infant mortality and maternal death have been reduced as a result of our health facility. Although we have made major progress in reducing maternal mortality, we are mindful of the amount of work ahead of us.

Maternity Clinic is complete

We are delighted to announce that our maternity clinic at Merrueshi Village Health Center has been officially open. Click to see the latest pictures from of the Maternity clinic.

Emergency Vehicle for the Village Clinic

We are pleased to report that we have purchased emergency vehicle for Merrueshi Village Clinic. The emergency vehicle will make it possible for our medical team to reach villages in the outlying areas and bring vital medical services to patients in need of urgent medical attention. Click to visit our mobile clinic.

Medical lab is complete

We are pleased to report that Merrueshi Village Clinic recently opened a medical lab. The lab is equipped with basic but essential supplies and equipment for a rural health facility. We were fortunate to find a trained Maasai lab technician in Nairobi for the lab. The new lab has enabled our medical team to effectively diagnose and treat residents of Merrueshi and surrounding villages.

Merrueshi Village Clinic is sponsored by Maasai Association - a community-based non-profit organization 501 (c)(3) and NGO based in Bellevue, WA and Kajiado Central District of Kenya. The organization’s humanitarian and relief work is aimed at building schools, water systems, providing academic scholarship to disadvantaged children, and supporting sustainable economic development projects in the Maasai region

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