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"We would like to be agents of our change rather than victims of change." Kakuta Ole Maimai, Managing Director, Maasai Association.

The Maasai Association is a community-based non-profit organization 501 (c)(3) and NGO based in Bellevue, WA and Kajiado Central District of Kenya. The organization’s humanitarian and relief work is aimed at building schools, water systems, providing academic scholarship to disadvantaged children, and supporting sustainable economic development projects in the Maasai region.


To preserve Maasai culture


To empower the Maasai people so that they can make better-informed decisions affecting their future, and to minimize permanent migration of young men and women from the community into urban areas (brain drain).


Our Fully Integrated Development Strategy encompasses the following.



• To build learning institutions such as a primary school, secondary school, vocational and training college, library, cultural center and other educational institutions essential to community self-reliance and cultural conservation.

• To set up and run an educational fund program for bursaries, scholarships and other educational sponsorships for needy students from the area.

• To build a health center/clinic and promote a community health education and disease prevention program.



• To create employment in the local area through alternative income generating activities such as community based tourism and intercultural exchange program.

• To help the community promote ecologically and culturally sensitive business activities for the purpose of community building, employment, and economic self-reliance.

• To support and improve sustainable traditional livestock practices and insure food security.

• To support the villagers through a micro-lending program of cattle and goats for the purpose of reducing poverty in the local area.


To integrate the Maasai people into the modern world, while preserving the culture through education, health, environmental conservation, and economic development.

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Who we are?

Maasai Association is a parent organization of Maasai Association - Kenya registered as a charitable, non-governmental organization (NGO) with the NGO's Co-ordination Board in the Republic of Kenya. (OP. number is available upon request).  


The Maasai Association is driven by the commitment of community building, economic development and empowerment. The organization believes in the philosophy of participatory approach where programs and projects are design and implemented by the villagers. Together, we are bringing a constructive change to our people.