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Projects and Programs

We measure our success based on the number of children with access to formal education, clean drinking water, and lives saved through our village clinic and reproductive health program

Wish List for 2016


Well for Maasai Association's projects

Limited water supply has increasingly become a concern in Merrueshi village. Water shortage has interrupted operation in the health center and in schools. Athi Water Services Board shut down the fresh water pipeline that we put in place in 2006. Other than political motives, there was no valid reason why our water connection was disconnected. The increased number of people, livestock, and wildlife in the village has put a strain on the existing village well. The village health center and boarding schools with 800 students needs sufficient water supply. As a result it is our wish to put a new well in place and supply water to Maasai Association projects. Click to make a donation towards this project.

Maasai Cultural Heritage Center

The cultural heritage center will make it possible to preserve and celebrate Maasai cultural heritage, and inspire the community to preserve art of cultural significant and indigenous knowledge for generations to come. The cultural heritage center is comprised of art galleries and a women cooperative. Phase I of this project, which include the women cooperative is completed. Phase II is in progress. Click to make a donation towards this project. If you would like to learn more about this project email us at:

The Waterholes Restoration Project

The Waterholes Restoration Project is aimed at restoring 30 natural waterholes in Merrueshi Group Ranch. Wildlife and pastoralists of East Africa have for centuries depended on seasonal waterholes.However, due to excessive vegetation growth and soil erosion the main waterholes have silted up. Our goal is to restore the waterholes and harvest rainwater that would otherwise be lost to evaporation or runoff. Click to support or learn more about this conservation project.

Please see right column for Goats and Cows program and Children Education Fund. We are grateful for any help you can provide. Remember, Maasai Association's projects are happening because of people like you. Thank you for your support.


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Maasai Association's projects are happening because of well-wishers like you. Thank you for your continued support.

Make a tax-deductible gift to Maasai Association.


Goats and Cows Program for Food Security and School Fees

The Maasai people depend on goats and cows for a living. To a Maasai, having a cow is the same as having money or a bank account for an American. The goats and cows provide families with milk, cheese, and school fees for their children. With your help we can open economic opportunities for Maasai families and send children to school. Click to learn more about this worthwhile program or Click to donate a cow or goat.

Maasai Children Education Fund (MCEF)

Well-wisher can now fund education for a Maasai child in Merrueshi Primary School. For $120 you can put a child through school for an entire year. Your support will make education more attainable for a Maasai child with no chance to attended school. Click to send a Maasai child to school today.

Community members' involvement and participation is central in the design and implementation of our programs and projects.