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Maasai Association is changing lives because of support from well-wishers like you. Thank you.

Your gift will change lives


$150 Gift of a cow


Cows help end hunger. A cow will empower a family with nutritional milk for children. Extra milk is sold at local markets for needed food supplies, clothing, and children's school fees.

$40 Gift for a goat







Each dairy goat can produce up to 1- 1⁄2 liters of milk every day. Milk, cheese, butter and yogurt will improve a family's wellbeing.

$120 Gift of an Education


For $120 gift you can put a child through elementary school for one year. Your donation will make education more attainable to a Maasai girl, who otherwise would have not attended school.

$450 Gift for a girl in high school


Your gift of $450 can put a girl through high school for 1 year. This amount is sufficient to provide full tuition and school supplies for the child. Maasai Association would be delighted to connect you with a child that received your support.

$50 Gift for life-saving vaccines


Your gift of $50 can bring life-saving vaccines to children in remote Maasai village.



$25 Gift for a mosquito net


Your gift of $25 can buy a treated mosquito net that will protect a family from a deadly mosquito.



$25 Gift for school supplies


Your gift of $25 can buy school supplies such as text books, rulers, and pencils for a student in need.

$20 Gift for soccer ball


Our school children love to play soccer so much that they often make homemade soccer balls out of plastic bags and trash. A good soccer ball is hard to come by. Your gift of $25 will put a soccer ball in the hands of our school children.

To donate by mail please click: DONATE BY MAIL

Maasai Association is a tax-exempt public charity described in section 501(C) (3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code. Your donation is deductible to the extend allowed by law.

Thank you.



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