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Donation Cards for Maasai People

A gift of a cow or goat is the ideal present for anyone in your family. Help a Maasai family devastated by drought.

$150 for a cow

A cow is the perfect gift you can give to a Maasai family. Traditionally, Maasai families used cows for fresh milk, cheese, clothing, school fees, and to meet healthcare needs for their children. Cows have also been used to build lasting relationships between families, individuals, and communities. A cow is central to Maasai livelihoods. The cost of a cow is $150. Click to give a cow to a Maasai family today.

$40 for a Goat

Each dairy goat from the Gallana breed can produce up to one 1 and 1⁄2 liters of milk every day. Milk, cheese, butter and yogurt are the most valuable support you can give to a drought devastated Maasai family. A goat can be sold when is needed to send boys and girls to school. The cost of a goat is $40. Send your generous gift today and brighten the future of a Maasai family. Click to give a goat to a Maasai family.

Maasai Children Education Fund (MCEF)

For $120 you can put a Maasai child through primary school for one year. Your gift will provide school tuition, uniform (clothes and shoes) books, and writing materials. Your support will make education more attainable to a Maasai child, who otherwise would have not attended school. Click to donate today






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Make a tax-deductible gift to Maasai Association.

With support from well wishers the Maasai Association has achieved the following:

•Completed and managing Merrueshi Primary School and Maasai High School

•Completed and managing Merrueshi Village Clinic for nearly 6500 people in the region

•Completed a 10 kilometer water pipeine project for hundreds of villagers in the region

• Restored 24 natural waterholes for the benefit of wildlife and cattle in Merrueshi Group Ranch

• Providing full-scholarship to over 80 needy students attending primary and secondary schools

• Purchased and distributed nearly 100 cows to drought victims in the region

• Working to see 650 children, boys and girls, complete high school and move on to college

• Providing school supplies to primary and secondary schools

We are determining our destiny because of well wishers like you.

Thank you for your support.